Ken Tweedie

General Manager


I was born in N. Ireland but emigrated to SA in 1981. I spent 20 years with Avis South Africa  – the last position was International Sales Manager travelling the world selling South Africa. I then spent 11years working in the retail and wholesale travel markets dealing with a range of clientele both corporate and leisure.

After two years selling property in Cape Town, I decided I want to spend some time working in the UK and travelling – I was lucky to travel to New Zealand, Morocco, sailing in Greece for two weeks sailing and numerous trips around UK and Ireland.

I decided after four years that I missed a lot of things about South Africa and decided to return at the end of October 2023.

After spending time travelling with 42 New Zealanders who came to South Africa for my son’s wedding, I took two months off doing some tourist things in our beautiful country.

And now it’s time to be productive again.

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