Janet Aldworth

Managing Director


Whether she’s travelling herself, or putting together the trip of a lifetime for some very lucky clients or group, Janet lives for travel. In her 43 years of being in the travel industry, she has travelled far and wide, and loves sharing her experiences with others. She particularly enjoys travelling with groups and seeing their enjoyment and wonder at the sights and sounds of exciting new places. Italy is one of Janet’s favourite destinations, from the food to the history, it all makes her feel so alive. Another of her highlights is Japan, with its natural beauty, unique culture and the exceptionally caring people. Janet’s wish is to experience as many of the natural phenomena across our beautiful planet, and that’s why the spectacular Northern Lights and the countless stars reflected in the lakes of the Amazon are at the top of her list too. Janet’s mission is to give all clients the fabulous opportunities she has had – no matter their budget!!

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